The Yellow Box


25.3.17 Cross Barn, Odiham

23.7.17 Westival, Aldershot

29.9.17 West End Centre, Aldershot

8.9.18 THAT Gallery, Basingstoke

Music + Poetry + Art

With new musical works by composer and musician Nicole Le Jeune, original poetry and prose by Rebecca Lyon and live painting by artist Fatima Pantoja. An assortment of objects are stored in The Yellow Box. Each represents a memory, an event, a life. One by one, the artefacts are lifted out of obscurity. The stories behind these artefacts are recounted in music, words and art.

'The Yellow Box is a time machine, a magic space, a hidden corner somewhere unknown. A place where memories from the past are as alive as you and me. Placed before you they become a tale, a note, a colour...'










Words Go to Ground, 1536 Monologue, written and performed at (Typical Women) Don’t Rebel, Don’t Create, University of Winchester

Loose Muse

Sketches, short stories and dramatic monologues written for and performed at Loose Muse regular short fiction night, Winchester

·         Carol’s Taste Spuds

·         Airflakes

·         Spanner and the Succulents

·         Room for an Animatronic Dinosaur and a Wine Cellar

·         Just doing my Radioactive Job

.         Prophet Mystic John

.         Blue Lias

Reviews: Sue Wrinch, Writer and Poet




Images courtesy of Nicole le Jeune and Fatima Pantoja

© Rebecca Lyon. Design: H. Mayhew Wilson