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What Makes a Town

Dir. Matty Green & Lizzy Lewis, Watermill Schools Outreach

Performed by Fir Tree, Speenhamland, Trinity & Whitelands Park

"Rebecca’s script was engaging and exciting for the young people performing it, the production team bringing it to life and the audience watching it alike. Her writing lent well to some hilarious characters & interesting stories, and weeks later people are continuing to tell us they learnt things from and enjoyed it!" - Watermill Schools Outreach

Ada Lovelace: My Dad the Famous Writer

Dir. Alex Pearson, Glass Splinters, The Pleasance

Performed by Natalie Harper

What Makes a Town pic_edited.jpg

Easter Island: Like and Share

Dir. Samantha Pears, Climate Justice, Four Fig Theatre, Golden Goose Theatre

Performed by Melanie Lam and Lucy Harrow

Actor, Interrupted

Dir. Laura-May Hassan, MIDDLES, Four Fig Theatre, Golden Goose Theatre

Performed by Callum Cronin, Alison Zradra, Verity Mullan


The Medusa Cave

Dir. Chloe Cattin, Pass it On, The Space Arts Centre

Performed by Tina Rizzo


Holm Oak

Rehearsed Reading, Online

Performed by JK O'Neill and Callum Ansley

*Shortlisted for Capsule Theatre Festival*

Wait for Me Baby, Making Masks, and Pythagoras' Toilet Roll

Tiny Theatre Company, Online

Monologues performed by Demelza O'Sullivan, Alex Long and Alicia Percy

Mistanta the Owl

Dir. Verity Sharpe, Pass it On, Yellow Coat Theatre,  Drayton Arms Theatre

Performed by Hazel Bracken


Melanie Lam as Professor Aka

Photos by Lottie Amor @Lottie.amor

Screenshot (65).png

Tina Rizzo as Medusa


Callum Cronin, Alison Zradra and Verity Mullan 

Photo by Jack Needham @jpn_photog



Dir. Andrea Lungay, Emerging Talent Showcase, Bashir Productions,  Tristan Bates Theatre

Performed by Seisha Butler


Two Cups

Dir. Natalie Winter, BRIEFS 21, Waterloo East Theatre

Performed by Natalie Winter and Rowena Gray

Land Lore

Dir. Ben Mills, rehearsed reading, Salisbury Playhouse 

*Longlisted for the Papatango Prize 2018*



Dir. Sam Gaffney, Creative Collisions, Bashir Productions, The Cockpit

Performed by Steven Rowan Jeram



Dir. Camilla Whitehill, Lover, Heavy Weather Theatre, Etcetera Theatre, Camden

Performed by Matt Gibbs and Tom Hendryk

Review: Grumpy Gay Critic

briefs 21 two cups.jpg

Natalie Winter and Rowena Gray. Image courtesy of Shaun Kitchener

Tom Hendryk and Matt Gibbs. Image courtesy of Camilla Whitehill

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